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Telephone: 760-369-6310

Fax: 760-365-3366

Ms. Viland, Principal: vonda_viland@morongo.k12.ca.us

Ms. Ambrosius, Administrative Assistant: laura_ambrosius@morongo.k12.ca.us


Message from the Principal

Choice is probably one of the most powerful words.  It empowers us to live our lives according to our principles, our dreams, and our goals.  It makes all things possible, which is why Black Rock High School is built upon choice. 

I believe everything is ultimately based on choice.  I believe we are all empowered to make the choices for ourselves and our lives.  You may choose to work hard and succeed; you may choose to be a positive force in this school and in the world; you may choose to be a leader who gives everything you do 100% of your effort.  Or you may choose to coast through life, be a victim, or be a negative influence in the world.  The choice is ultimately yours, but know that whatever path you choose for yourself, there will be consequences.  Those consequences will be good or bad, depending on the path you choose.  Hopefully, each and every one of our students will always choose wisely and live each day based upon their principles, their dreams, and their goals. 

I hope you will choose to be present in each moment and make the most of every single day.  I hope you will choose to be successful and happy in all your endeavors.  I hope you will always choose to have a good day.  If you do, you can be assured that I and every staff member at Black Rock High School will work diligently to ensure you are successful in your endeavors and that your choices bring you the positive consequences you deserve.

I am not going to lie to you:  It is not always easy.  There will be times when students will feel like giving up, and that is why the Black Rock staff is here.  We have put together the best group of teachers to motivate, encourage, and guide students:

Mr. Beck and Mr. Ingram offer support in earning history credits.        

Ms. Weitz assists in science, health, Apex, and Medical Careers Lab.

Ms. Larson teaches Integrated Math.

Ms. Kelley provides support in English.

Ms. Hill teaches English, home economics, and art.                         

Ms. Alexander teaches Guidance, Drivers’ Education, Transitions,  CSI, and Medical Careers Lab.                         

Mr. Teeter  and Mr. Beck  teach woodshop

Mr. Mahan teaches our Medical Careers classes. 

Ms. Mendoza and Mr. Bartz offer support as our instructional assistants.

Ms. Ambrosius monitors attendance and helps facilitate school operations.

We are a unique, special group of people.You are all here because you have chosen to earn your diplomas.Our staff members believe all of our students have the skills, the ability, and the desire to do what it takes to earn their diplomas in a timely manner, and we are going to work hard to help our students make the best choices for themselves and their futures.If you have any questions or need any help, please feel free to contact Ms. Ambrosius or myself at (760)369-6310.

Class of 2017!

Black Rock High is A Model School!

The California Department of Education selected BRHS as a Model Continuation High Schools. Noted in the commendation were our exemplary educational opportunities, enduring commitment to provide students with educational options and support services they need to be successful in their efforts to graduate from high school, transition to higher education, and enter the workforce.

Black Rock High School is designated as a Model Continuation High School - April 2015 to March 2018.

School Safety Letter to Parents

Dear Parents and Guardians:

It is always important to review our school’s safety plans and to remain vigilant in constantly monitoring our security measures.  As such, I wanted to take a moment to review with you Black Rock High School’s security procedures.

The staff has developed a school-wide safety plan that is reviewed and updated annually.  Staff members revisit this plan regularly to ensure they know what to do in the event of a natural disaster or a security breach, and drills are practiced throughout the year.  

As part of this plan, the ingress and egress of students and visitors is limited to the main entrance, which is closely monitored by staff members.  The school is equipped with a two-way radio system that comes with an emergency channel for direct contact with first responders, and in case of an emergency, we have a system of communication in place with police, district office, and parents of registered students. Our campus is fenced, and all campus visitors must report to the office.

In addition to the staff members and myself, the district also employees two part-time campus supervisors, who help to monitor the safety of our students.  Together, we patrol the school and stay in constant communication throughout the day.

Our students are an extension of our family, and each student’s safety is a priority to us.  Please know we will make every effort feasible to maintain a safe learning environment for them throughout the year.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to call (760)369-6310 or email me at vonda_viland@morongo.k12.ca.us.


 Vonda Viland

Getting the 411...

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VIA Text,  text @msvilan to (657) 217-8386.

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BRHS 2016/17 Credit Check Dates

          Starts                  Ends                 

    1.    August   22           September 30           

    2.    October  3            November 11        

    3.    November 14       January    13           

    4.    January 17           March   3            

    5.    March 6               April 28  

    6.   May 1                    June 8




Report Cards     Assembly

10/07                 10/14

11/18                 12/2

01/20                 01/27

03/10                 03/17

05/05                 05/12

End of the Year Assembly 6/6 @ 11:15 am

End of Year Report Cards Mailed 06/15/17


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